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02. Legislation for the 164th Annual Communication

Annual Golf Tournament


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Celebrating 162 Years of Freemasonry





                                          CHARLIE FORONDA     707-3151879     WORSHIPFUL MASTER

                             RITCHIE OBLANCA      707-3158961     SENIOR WARDEN

                                   ROBERT BARRETT     707-446-3123    SECRETARY

                                   KEN MILLER               707-326-5580    INSPECTOR 129TH DISTRICT



April            7th                 First Degree – Cameron Williams


11th             Stated Business Meeting/Dinner

 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


18th             Officer School of Instruction

                   Yountville Lodge, 4125 Solano Ave. Napa          

Receiving Flag/Grand Master/Grand Officer           


TBD           Degree Work






TBD                              Table Lodge Dinner


July 15, 2017               Suisun Lodge Golf Tournament

Paradise Valley GC, Fairfield          


August 19, 2017         Lodge End-of-Summer Dinner
















                        HAVE YOU PAID YOUR DUES FOR 2017




1.   You are considered “Not-in-Good-Standing”

2.   You have no voting rights in your Lodge

3.   You cannot participate in concordant functions

4.   You may subject yourself to suspension

5.   You deprive your Lodge of meeting its goals and community services


Dues are $160.00 for the year 2017, payable to Suisun Lodge No. 55

Upon full payment the secretary will issue a membership card.










Suisun Lodge No. 55Suisun Lodge No. 55

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Donations       Donations     Donations

Yes we are in need of every members help. As many of you are aware our roof is leaking and needs attention. We raised money in the past for this worthy cause but unfortunately the Heating/Air Conditioner unit failed. Monies were diverted to replace the unit to keep the lodge open and rented.  Another issue also plaguing our lodge is “The Homeless”! Yes they are sleeping on our doors steps and littering the grounds. So now in addition to many other needs we have to install fencing and gates. When the litigation regarding the cemetery burial sites is resolved we will have funds to put towards these two projects and maybe room for new carpeting. But all this is going to take funds we do not have at this time. Again we have to count on all the members, annual renters and others for help. Please help your lodge by donating whatever you can spare, $10.00, $20.00 or more. You can mail a check to Suisun Lodge NO. 55, and noting at the bottom “donation” or use your Iphone App here in this news letter to submit your donation.







One of my goals this year is to make Suisun Lodge No. 55 a better place to be a member of and a better place for its brothers to spend time -like attending Stated Meetings and other Special Events. We encourage our members to come join us at our Stated Meetings and Degree Conferrals. Your presence during these times already adds up to the success of our Lodge.

Our March Stated Business Meeting attendance was a struggle due to lack of Officers and Members participation. We had to call on the brothers from the sidelines to fill in. Important issues were discussed for the good of the Lodge. We elected Mr. Cameron Williams to receive degrees of Masonry, two petitions for membership were read and a proper investigating committee is being assigned. The presence of our new District Inspector during or Stated Meetings has been very helpful to our Lodge. He is always there to give us guidance and advices. He has been very supportive since the day of our Installation. There is a scheduled official reception for him in our next Stated Meeting, April 11, 2017. I am inviting the brethren to attend and this will be your opportunity to meet and greet the Worshipful Kenneth Miller, Inspector of Masonic District 129.

The OSI/SOI held in our Lodge was a success and very Instructional. In attendance were members from five different Lodges. Participants from these Lodges performed in this event included our Officers Coach, WB Ernie Flores and with the additional brilliant appearance of WB Albert Lawson from Naval Lodge, who played the SD and which made a total of five Lodges. This was made more interesting, of course, with the instructions and directions of our District Inspector, Worshipful Ken Miller. Thank you, all, for a job well done!

Lastly, First Degree Conferral is upon us and I encourage everyone to give their best during the rituals and help the Candidate in pointing out the value of the ceremony needed to his gaining admission into the mysteries of Masonry.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Bro. Charlie Foronda 



All Masons should remember when they stood in the northeast corner of the Lodge. At that moment, they first stood as an equal among their peers. No matter if they were rich or poor, prince or pauper, they were on the same step in the same stance as all Masons before them. Here, with body erect, each was, to all outward appearance, a perfect and upright man and Mason. After experiencing that time and place, it is doubtful any Brother will ever forget the charge given, the proper use of the working tools of an Entered Apprentice and, more importantly, the reason why he was placed in this particular part of the Lodge. 

The fact that operative Masons start the construction of the edifice at the northeast corner has a meaning to us all. However, there is another, less tangible reason for the placement of an Entered Apprentice in the northeast corner. If we carefully listened to the beautiful Lecture of the Entered Apprentice Degree, we learned what the three greater and lesser Lights of Masonry are, the meaning of the great Light of Masonry, the significance of the working tools, and the fact that Light and wisdom are in the east of the Lodge, whereas ignorance and darkness are in the north. 

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been periods called "dark ages", times when people were subjugated, uneducated, uninformed, and kept in a state of fear. Expressed figuratively, they were "in the dark". 

Light, in this case, is knowledge, the illumination of the World's meaning.

In one Lodge we have two places, each the opposite of the other. The east represents Masonic enlightenment and knowledge; the north symbolizes darkness and ignorance. Significantly, there is no officer of the Lodge in the north, no one to impart knowledge or offer assistance. 

Now we can understand why an Entered Apprentice, who at this time is the weakest link in Masonry, is placed in the north east corner. For it is here he is given two choices of direction to travel. If he decides to go north, that is, should he decide not to continue in his travels in Masonic knowledge, then all he can expect to find will be the making of his own "darkness". He will never know all the Light that can be conferred in the Lodge. If he elects to travel eastward, he journeys toward the enlightenment and wisdom, which can make him the perfect, upright man and Mason, who can stand erect and true before both God and man.                                      




Williams, Tommy



Snyder, Kenneth



Wright, Kenneth



Askin, John M. III



Esberto, William C.



Bryan, Craig E.



Flores, Ernesto Jr.



Gonzales, Bobby



Fickes, Donald L.



Pangelinan, Victor



Bertani, Douglas T.



Edwards, Jonathan



Gelineau, David E.




Additional Lodge Activities


O.E.S., Suisun Chapter #2 

Second Thursday of the Month

7:30 PM Meeting


Montezuma Shrine Club

Third Thursday of the Month

6:00 PM Business Meeting

7:00 PM Club Meeting


         Vacaville Commandery #38

Second Friday of the Month

7:00 PM Club Meeting










Famous/Notable American Masons


Prince Hall, Founder of Prince Hall Freemasonry

John Hancock, American Revolutionary and Statesman

Warren G. Harding, U.S. President

Joseph Hewes, Signer of the American Declaration of Independence

J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director

Harry Houdini, Escape Artist

Timothy Hutton,  Actor

Burl Ives, Actor and Singer

Andrew Jackson, U.S. President

Jesse Jackson, Civil Rights Leader

Andrew Johnson, U.S. President

Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. President

Al Jolson, Actor

John Paul Jones, Naval Hero

Marquis de Lafayette, French Military Officer

Frank S. Land, Founder of DeMolay

Robert E. Lee, Soldier Confederate Army

Meriwether Lewis, Explorer

Charles Lindbergh, Aviator

Douglas MacArthur, U.S. General

Thurgood Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Harpo Marx, Comedian

William McKinley, U.S. President

James Monroe, U.S. President

Audie Murphy, World War II Hero and Actor

Shaquille O’Neal, Basketball Player

Brad Paisley, Country Music Artist

Arnold Palmer, Professional Golfer

Fess Parker, Actor (Davy Crockett)

Norman Vincent Peale, Writer

James K. Polk, U.S. President

Paul Revere, American Revolutionary Hero

Ringling Bros (All Seven of Them) Circus Promoters

Will Rogers, American Political Commentator and Satirist

Roy Rogers, Actor

Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President

Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. President


To Be Continued………….