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02. Legislation for the 164th Annual Communication

Annual Golf Tournament


Facility Rental Become a Mason Officers City of Fairfield Local Schools City of Suisun History




                ERNIE MERCADO                 707-642-0862         WORSHIPFUL MASTER

                CHARLIE FORONDA             707-315-1879         SENIOR WARDEN

                RITCHE OBLANCA                707-315-8961         JUNIOR WARDEN

                ROBERT BARRETT               707-446-3123         SECRETARY

                DICK HIXSON                        925-935-6033         INSPECTOR 129TH DISTRICT



February        9th          Stated Dinner/Business Meeting

                                     6:30 pm/8:00 pm


                        16th     OSI (Mandatory)

                                    Vacaville Lodge












Lodge Website Address


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As The Sun Rises in The East………….




My brethren in Masonry,  greetings from the East.


Our 2016 installation of Officers was an absolute a success, thus worthy of the praise I am about to bestow.  The hard work exhibited, demonstrated the pride our brethren put into this year’s installation.

Visiting brethren, their families and all our friends who attended showed their pleasure with their hard work. They watched our Masonic Ceremony with interest and later enjoyed the fruits that were laid upon the tables.


The superb performance of our installing team was very commendable. Thank you goes to pass masters Worshipful Ernesto Flores, Reden Infante and Oscar Tence who handled their assignments flawlessly.


Our program was prepared with dedicated effort by Bro. Kalis PM and the flowers were graciously provided by Rose Florists. Thank you both.  Many thanks, to our brethren for preparing the Lodge room and dining hall. Thank you to all who gave your time. Warm thanks, to brothers and sister who donated the food. There was plenty to eat and later to take home and enjoy.  Unmeasurable thanks to my beautiful wife and Josie for providing the entertainment.  


My sincerity and gratitude to the 2016 Officers of Suisun Lodge No. 55,  and especially to my wife Rose, for supporting me in my travels to the East.


Fraternally, Ernie Mercado WM




Greetings Brethren,

I am Brother Charlie Foronda, your newly installed Senior Warden, and would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the brethren of Suisun Lodge #55 for supporting me the whole year through as your Junior Warden. I hope you enjoyed every stated dinner we offered you. 

The installation of officers of Suisun Lodge #55 was a success and on behalf of all the newly installed officers, I would like to thanks everyone for helping out setting the lodge dining room and the preparation of foods. Special thanks to the kitchen expertise of our W Brother Johnny Dumlao, PM, who was and will always be there to help us. And, most of all, our  special thanks goes also to the remarkably good performance of our Installing Team, whom we can be very proud to call them our own, W Brother Ernie Flores, Jr, PM- Installing Officer, W Brother Reden Infante, PM- Master of Ceremonies,  and W Brother Oscar Tence, PM- Installing Chaplain for a job well done. 

Upcoming events will include our scheduled fund raising events, which we hope you will all join us, to help, support and fund our continuing community services.

July 16, 2016 - Golf Tournament 

August 2016 - Hawaiian Luau Fundraising Dinner

God Bless us all and Happy New Year!

S & F,

Brother Charlie Foronda  








Dear Brethren,


At our stated dinner for February Bro. Ritche will be preparing Beef Steak with vegatables.


The dinners are an opportunity for all brothers to meet and socially.  Additionally for all brethren who have not advanced to the second degree YOU definitely need to be at the Lodge. There are a lot of new faces in our lodge so this is the time stop by and say hello. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm. Followed by the Lodge business meeting at 8:00 pm. Home by 9:30.


If you want to be included, make your reservation or eat before you arrive so you don’t go hungry.  Call 707-425-3175.











February 2016


Jerry Zaier                    46

 Michael Garver             44

Billy Ault PM                 43

Henry Meschendorf        40

James Janssen PM         37

Neil Crawford                36

Melvin Mc Cormick         32

Pau Wavrock                 22

Leonardo Guison PM       18

Mamerto Sanchez           13

Edgar Bajada                 11

Edmund Pigeon              10

Remigio Atilano              07

Paul Augusto                  05

Damien Reyes                 05

Bartholomew  Johnson      02       




Additional Lodge Activities


Royal Arch, Chapter 43

First Wednesday of the Month

6:00 PM Dinner


O.E.S., Suisun Chapter #2

Second Thursday of the Month

7:30 PM Meeting


Montezuma Shrine Club

Third Thursday of the Month

6:00 PM Business Meeting

7:00 PM Club Meeting


Vacaville Commandery #38

Second Friday of the Month

7:00 PM Club Meeting





(Never Pay Dues Again!)


      Under age 49, 21 times annual dues

 50 to 54 inclusive, 19 times annual dues

 55 to 59 inclusive, 17 times annual dues

 60 to 64 inclusive, 14 times annual dues

                    65 and over, 11 times annual dues ($990.00)