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02. Legislation for the 164th Annual Communication

Annual Golf Tournament


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ERNIE MERCADO                     707-642-0862     WORSHIPFUL MASTERCHARLIE

FORONDA                               707-315-1879     SENIOR WARDEN

RITCHE OBLANCA                   707-315-8961     JUNIOR WARDEN

ROBERT BARRETT                  707-446-3123     SECRETARY

DICK HIXSON                          925-935-6033     INSPECTOR 129TH DISTRICT



July        12th   Stated Business Meeting

                                                                   8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


19th   Officer’s School of Instruction

                                                Suisun Lodge No. 55

                                                7:00 PM


 Letter of Intent to Increase Dues



July 16            Suisun Lodge Golf Tournament

                                                        Paradise Valley GC, Fairfield                                        




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Greetings Brethren



Brethren, the sale of burial rights is on our table once again. Bro. G. Michael Kimmel addressed the lodge in February regarding the sale. The Lodge was informed by Bro. Kimmel that the Fairfield-Suisun Cemetery District was interested again in purchasing the rights for the original offer of $70,000 that they made 3 years ago. Also returning with an offer was Bro. Craig Bryan of Bryan/Braker Funeral Home. Bro. Bryan has offered in writing $75.000 for the rights. Both offers are cash offers.


Purpose of the sale is to provide needed funds to the Temple Board for repairs to the lodge.


Bro. Kimmel has suggested that we accept Bro. Bryan’s offer as 1. It is the better offer.

2. The District is set in their offer of $70,000.

3. Bro. Bryan has been the Lodge’s agent of sale for burial rights since 2003. Bro. Bryan was instrumental in the negotiations then and is very familiar with the contract terms and conditions set forth in those meetings with the District back in the early part of 2000.


We will be conducting further discussion on this matter at our business meeting on September 13th. We want to conclude the meeting with a vote to accept one of these offers. Therefore it is important for all members to attend this informative meeting and assist your lodge in making the proper decision. The meeting is open to all Masons.