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02. Legislation for the 164th Annual Communication

Annual Golf Tournament


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May 2016




                                    CHARLIE FORONDA     707-3151879     WORSHIPFUL MASTER

                             RITCHIE OBLANCA      707-3158961     SENIOR WARDEN

                                    ROBERT BARRETT       707-446-3123   SECRETARY

                                    KEN MILLER              707-326-5580    INSPECTOR 129TH DISTRICT



May            9th                 Stated Business Meeting/Dinner

 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm



10th             Second Degree – Cameron Williams


16th             Officer School of Instruction

                   Vacaville Lodge No. 134             

Initiation (Advanced Stations)                


20th             Table Lodge Dinner       Pre-Register

                   Fee is $25/person 

Use Suisun APP to pre-pay and register





July 15, 2017               Suisun Lodge Golf Tournament (See Attachment)

Paradise Valley GC, Fairfield          

                                      Use Suisun APP to pre-pay


August 19, 2017         Lodge End-of-Summer Dinner

                                      Use Suisun APP to pre-pay






                        HAVE YOU PAID YOUR DUES FOR 2017




1.   You are considered “Not-in-Good-Standing”

2.   You have no voting rights in your Lodge

3.   You cannot participate in concordant functions

4.   You may subject yourself to suspension

5.   You deprive your Lodge of meeting its goals and community services


Dues are $160.00 for the year 2017, payable to Suisun Lodge No. 55

Upon full payment the secretary will issue a membership card.




Suisun Lodge No. 55Suisun Lodge No. 55

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As I had stated last month one of my goals this year is to make Suisun Lodge No. 55 a better place to be a member of and a better place for its brothers to spend time -like attending Stated Meetings and other Special Events. We encourage our members to come join us at our Stated Meetings and Degree Conferrals. Your presence during these times already adds up to the success of our Lodge.

In May we are having a Second Degree on the 10th for Cameron Williams. On May 20th is our Table Lodge Dinner. Cost is $25.00/ person. You may use the Lodge APP to pre-pay for your meal and to let us know you are coming. The dinner is catered so a head count is essential. This dinner is designed to be fun and only Masons and wives are allowed. We also hope to schedule a dual First Degree later in the month.

Last month we initiated Bro. Cameron Williams and I congratulate him on his advancement and look forward to his Second Degree.  He has already demonstrated he is prepared to give his proficiency in the First Degree. Mr. Chris Serviss and Mr. Donovan Root, I am sure will be ready later this month for their initiation into our Ancient and Free fraternity.

I would also like to thank Bro. Eugene Lightfoot for his generous donation to the Lodge.

The OSI/SOI is being held in Vacaville Lodge this month.  All members are welcome to attend.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Bro. Charlie Foronda 



On The Level

On May 10, 2017, we will have a 2nd Degree Conferral (Passing) for our newly initiated brother. In this degree, a candidate continues his journey in search for further light in masonry. By becoming a Fellowcraft mason, he becomes bound to the fraternity by a twofold tie.

 At the beginning of his journey as an Entered Apprentice Mason, a brother after being invested with that of which he has been divested is placed upon the North-East corner of the Lodge upon his return. This is because the first stone of a building is usually placed in the Northeast corner thereof. As the youngest Entered Apprentice Mason, a brother is thus placed that he might be near the Worshipful master and receive from him necessary instructions whereupon to erect his moral and masonic edifice. As an Entered Apprentice Mason, his working tools are the 24 inch gauge and the common gavel.

In the Fellowcraft Degree, a brother passes through a long isle or porch at the entrance to which were two brazen pillars set up, Boaz and Jachin. The next thing to which his particular attention is directed is a representation of a flight of winding stairs consisting of three, five and seven steps which were severally explained to him by his guide. After regularly gaining admission through the outer and inner doors representing the Middle Chamber of King Solomon’s Temple, a candidate becomes a Fellowcraft Mason and as such is now entitled to wages and his name recorded. His wages are the corn of nourishment, the wine of refreshment and the oil of joy.

The working tools of a Fellowcraft Mason are the Plumb, Square and Level. The Plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations before God and man, squaring our actions by the Square of virtue and ever remembering that we are traveling upon the level of time to that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns.

A very significant part of the Fellowcraft Degree is the explanation of the letter G suspended in the East. The letter G is the initial of Geometry, the first and noblest of sciences, and the basis upon which the superstructure of freemasonry is erected. More importantly, the letter G is the initial of the Supreme Being, before whom all masons, from the youngest Entered Apprentice in the North-East corner of the Lodge to the Worshipful Master in the East, should with reverence bow.



Bendsen, Verner N.


Neese, Ronald W.


Espinosa, William F.


Wiechmann, Donald


Mc Knight, Joe Jr.


Infante, Reden



Sheldon, Ward C. II


Oblanca, Ritche N.


Leal, Anthony C.


Kimmel, George M.


Velarde, Arvin J.












Additional Lodge Activities


O.E.S., Suisun Chapter #2 

Second Thursday of the Month

7:30 PM Meeting


Montezuma Shrine Club

Third Thursday of the Month

6:00 PM Business Meeting

7:00 PM Club Meeting


         Vacaville Commandary #38

Second Friday of the Month

7:00 PM Club Meeting


International Order of Rainbow Girls Image result for international order of rainbow girls

First and Third Mondays of the Month

6:30 pm Club Meeting






Famous/Notable American Masons



Manuel L. Quezon, First Filipino Grand Master

Paul Revere, American Revolutionary Hero

Ringling Brothers (All Seven of Them)

Will Rogers, American Political Commentator and Satirist

Roy Rogers, Actor and Singer

Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. President

William Howard Taft, U.S. President

Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy’s

Harry S. Truman, U.S. President

Mark Twain, American Author

Denton T. “Cy” Young, Baseball Player


The End


Donations       Donations     Donations

Yes we are in need of every members help. As many of you are aware our roof is leaking and needs attention. We raised money in the past for this worthy cause but unfortunately the Heating/Air Conditioner unit failed. Monies were diverted to replace the unit to keep the lodge open and rented.  Another issue also plaguing our lodge is “The Homeless”! Yes they are sleeping on our doors steps and littering the grounds. So now in addition to many other needs we have to install fencing and gates. When the litigation regarding the cemetery burial sites is resolved we will have funds to put towards these two projects and maybe room for new carpeting. But all this is going to take funds we do not have at this time. Again we have to count on all the members, annual renters and others for help. Please help your lodge by donating whatever you can spare, $10.00, $20.00 or more. You can mail a check to Suisun Lodge NO. 55, and noting at the bottom “donation” or use your Iphone App here in this news letter to submit your donation.