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02. Legislation for the 164th Annual Communication

Annual Golf Tournament


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September 2016



ERNIE MERCADO             707-642-0862     WORSHIPFUL MASTER

        CHARLIE FORONDA          707-315-1879     SENIOR WARDEN

          RITCHE OBLANCA            707-315-8961     JUNIOR WARDEN

         ROBERT BARRETT           707-446-3123     SECRETARY

          DICK HIXSON                   925-935-6033     INSPECTOR 129TH DISTRICT



September         13th   Stated Dinner/Business Meeting

                                                                   6:30 pm/8:00 pm


13th  Officers Rehearsal for 2nd Degree


16th Fellowcraft Degree


20th    Officer’s School of Instruction

                                                Suisun Lodge No. 55 at 7:00 PM




October              22nd  October Fund Raising Dinner

                             Brethren, Family and Guests






Lodge Website Address


Facebook Address








The month of September is inspiring being my most memorable month.


During our September stated meeting, we will vote upon the proposed dues increase and the sale of our burial sites. It is necessary so as to meet out changing financial obligations.


We announce again that the Building Association's new Board of Directors will be voted upon at the November stated meeting. This is important and entails your attendance and participation as the resulting path we take is based upon what you decide.


Our Annual Fund Raising Dinner will be on October 22, 2016. Our brethren are expected not only to participate, but also to purposely invite their friends and families to come and dine as one family and fellowship with each other. Good foods will be served along with DJ music selections for every ones' pleasure.


Brother Luis Carillo will be passed to the Fellow Degree on September 16, 2016 at 7 PM. Our brethren are encourage to attend. It is an admirable act to come, witness Brother Carillo go through his Fellow Craft experience.


In this connection, we will have a Fellow Craft rehearsal following the end of our Stated Meeting on September 13, 2016. Your understanding is appreciated including to other Brethren who will stay longer.  My fervent wishes, let us all be present on September 16, 2016 Fellow Craft Conferral at 7 PM.


During this year, Brother Robert Barrett, the Secretary, has been voted upon as the Hiram Awardee in our Lodge. He has worked many  hours in our lodge as secretary. His consistent performance of duty and accurate records keeping are highly noted. He has maintained his plural memberships in six different concordant bodies within our lodge and in each has assisted and/or become an officer. His support of masonry is duly noted. Congratulations Brother Robert!


My Fraternal Brothers, I am encouraging you to feel with a greater concerns toward a stable line of Officers' core. This year, our Senior Deacon position has been filled by our dedicated Past Master Joey Bertulfo. Our Junior Warden position had almost in the same situation, except that we were more fortunate. Brother Ritchie Oblanca met and accepted the challenge and responsibilities of the Junior Warden with flying colors of proficiencies both in Junior Warden and Senior Deacon. I am profoundly grateful to you Bros. Joey Bertulfo PM, and Ritchie Oblanca. I am as equally grateful to Brother Carlos who in several occasions does the job of Senior Deacon and as to Brother Lito Cristobal who willingly performed the job of Junior Deacon position, including other brethren who have stepped forward whenever called for.


But, how about 2017 fiscal year's situation? What shall we do? Brethren and particularly our Worshipful Past Masters whose minds are full of wisdom, let us put our serious thoughts together as soon as possible. Sr. Warden Charlie Foronda can also be contacted about this matter.


Fraternally yours,  WM Ernie Mercado







Those who are charged with the duty of investigating the character and other qualifications of applicants for the privileges of Masonry hold positions of distinction and trust. Of all the committees appointed by the Worshipful Master, none is more important to the preservation of this great Fraternal Order Way of Life than this committee, whose duty is to determine the fitness of a candidate prior to balloting on his petition.

They are, of necessity, the inspectors to examine the material wherewith to add wisdom, strength, and beauty to the Universal Masonic Temple. Carelessness, indifference or negligence in the discharge of this responsible duty are of the nature of misdemeanors.

Every member in the Lodge is part of the Investigating Committee, especially the voucher of the petitioner. The member who vouches for a profane should be certain of his fitness for membership. Also, it is the duty of every Master Mason who is aware of something which would cause a profane to be unfit for membership, to inform a brother of that Lodge or the Investigating Committee, so these things can be Verified or clarified. For it is the responsibility of every member to exercise scrupulous care in guarding the door of Masonry from gaining access and introducing Godless ideology. It is our duty as Masons, to jealously examine a profane Is fitness for membership, for on this examination rests the honor, glory, and reputation of our institution.

Every member and the Investigating Committee is urged to constantly bear in mind that membership in the craft is much too priceless to be shared without due consideration. So think and act for the good of Masonry at all times.


(From the Masonic World Educational Center)


Bro. Charlie C. Foronda

Senior Warden




Dear Brothers,


Our stated dinner will start promptly at 6:30 pm. All members, wife’s, friends and guests are welcome to attend.  Cost is $10.00 and dress is casual.

                  No pajamas. 



RSVP.  707-342-0862 or you can also email me,


Change is not a remote control. YOU do have to get off your duff and do it yourself.                                        







Additional Lodge Activities


Royal Arch, Chapter 43

First Wednesday of the Month

6:00 PM Dinner


O.E.S., Suisun Chapter #2

Second Thursday of the Month

7:30 PM Meeting


Montezuma Shrine Club

Third Thursday of the Month

6:00 PM Business Meeting

7:00 PM Club Meeting


Vacaville Commandery #38

Second Friday of the Month

7:00 PM Club Meeting


(Never Pay Dues Again!)

Under age 49,      21 times annual dues

50 to 54 inclusive, 19 times annual dues

55 to 59 inclusive, 17 times annual dues

60 to 64 inclusive, 14 times annual dues

65 and over, 11 times annual dues







Robert Yahnel 55

Milton Ott PM          54

Wayne Kimey         52

Walter Johnson      47

William Lehman     45

Henry Fraser          40

Jack Paich              39

Donald Stewart     37

Conrado Carlos      31

John Jeremy          24

Danilo Mones PM   24

Felicisimo Lopez    23

Czar Salcedo  PM   23

James Horn            19

Dennis Garidel       17

Craig Coleman       15

Michael Hancock   06

Donald Trujillo       05

Timothy Trujillo     05

Generoso Valencia 01

John Velasco          01